The British Lawnmower Racing Association takes notice of the growing enthusiasm in lawnmower racing. It also notes the absence of detailed coverage of the sport by mainstream media. This site thus seeks to provide useful and accurate information to the community of lawnmower racers and general enthusiasts.

On this site, you will be treated to well-researched articles on topics like the sport’s history and races you can enjoy. The content is curated under the following categories.

Mower Racing

We go back to when Ashton on Mersey Cricket Club held the ‘Lawnmower Grand Prix.’ Learn more about what inspired this kind of race and the pioneers who took part in it. This article also looks at how mower racing has grown over the years, how it spread to other parts of the world and established organised associations.

There is also a topic about drivers who have gained fame within the mower racing circles. What made them stand out, and how do the associations recognise them?

Understand the rules and regulations that guide lawnmower racing. What do drivers require to race? What is required of the organisers and venues? What kind of modifications are allowed or required? These rules are pretty exciting; make sure to check out that article.

Lawnmower Events and Races

This segment is dedicated to lawnmower races taking place in different parts of the world. Learn about the dates and venues and how events have been affected by the Coronavirus. How can you attend these races? How do you stay safe while you are there? Are there restrictions on who can attend these races? That and more in this section.

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