As online casino gaming becomes more popular by the day, developers are having a field day. They are able to develop slot games with pretty much every theme, including sports, movies, and celebrities.

There are already racing-themed slots like Overdrive, SuperSpeed Reels, Midnight Racer and Muscle Cars. But the field is about to be made even more exciting once lawnmower racing themes are included. With the (mower race) sport growing in popularity, it is only a matter of time before developers adopt them as part of their slot catalogue.

Let’s look at how they can make use of this theme.

Scatter Symbols

Casino players love slots on sites like Casino Legends because of the wild and surprise wins that scatter symbols bring about. Mowing symbols like the mower itself or the mower’s gear can be used as exciting scatter symbols in a mower race-themed slot. The fact that race mowers are modified can make the interface even more attractive.

Finding Treasures

When mowing, one is always likely to find something lovely hiding in the grass. This idea can be modelled to create treasures that players of mower casino games can collect as they play video slots. This is a wonderful idea for a casino game.

Bonus and Jackpot Symbols

Everyone loves hitting the jackpot or winning a bonus. Mower racetracks and other objects can be used to signify these wins. A game may also have famous mower race drivers announcing when players land these wins.

The good thing about slots is that a developer is only limited by their creativity. We expect to see a mower-racing slot soon, and we are ready for it! Are you?