People are always looking for a new way to have fun. What better way to do this than by coming up with new competitions?

People are always creating new competitive sports. One of the most fun sports created over the years is the lawnmower racing competition. The sport requires racers to take off their blades to avoid accidents. Here are key things you need to know about mower racing.

History of Lawnmower Racing

The first organised lawnmower race was the Twelve Mile 500, which was held in the USA in 1963. The annual event has experienced a lot of changes since it was first held. For instance, racers did not modify their engines, unlike today, where some races allow competitors to improve engines.

Racers still take off their blades for safety purposes. The first lawnmower competition in the United Kingdom was held in 1968. There are now many lawnmower clubs all over the world. These clubs help members train and hold racing events. Some of the clubs support modified mowers, while others support non-modified mowers.

Mower Racing Across the Globe

The first organized lawnmower races took place in the 1960s. Since then, the sport has evolved a lot. Many enthusiasts join races to have fun, and there are usually rewards at the end. People have created associations to enable them to perform organised races.

British lawnmower associations encourage their members to use unmodified mowers in races. Members do not require sponsors to participate in these races. They make races enjoyable by giving different challenges. The 12-hour race on muddy terrain is the most challenging.

Machines Used

Lawnmower engines are the only motors used in this sport. Racers strive to optimise their mowers to achieve the best performance. Optimising a lawnmower is a bit complex. One cannot modify the speed and leave out other details. Here are some things to focus on when modifying a lawnmower.

There is no use for a mower that can tumble easily. Racers make sure their mowers can take turns even at high speeds. It is advisable to have a mower that is easy to control at high speeds. It gives the racer a better shot at winning.

Racers use gas engines to increase their acceleration. Some racers are modifying electric engines since they have better acceleration.

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