Racers use modified lawnmowers to compete in lawnmower competitions. Mowers use their original engines. Mowers taking part in a competition must be stripped of their blades for safety purposes.

People of all ages are allowed to take part in these competitions. Competitors enter lawnmower races in a fun spirit, although some are often bitten by the competitive bug. Here are some of the best mower races in the world.

BLMRA 12-Hour Race

The British Lawnmower Racing Association organises an endurance race every year. The competition is held on any one of the Saturdays between July and August. The 2020 and 2021 races were cancelled following the Coronavirus outbreak.

The race takes place overnight for 12 hours. A parade lap entertains fans before the real fun begins at 7 pm. Anyone is allowed to watch the race. One needs to be a member of BLMRA to compete. The competition must have at least 18 competitors.

NWLMRA 6-hour Race

The 6-hour endurance race is held annually by The Northwest Lawnmower Racing Association. This racing event will not be held in October 2021 as expected. The association is working to bring the race back in 2022.

Morton Loggers Jubilee Lawnmower Race

This race was first held over 40 years ago. The Morton Loggers Jubilee provide a fun and fair competition. Competitors are required to use easy-to-make lawnmowers. These terms enable many lawnmower racers to take part in the competition since they do not require a fortune to build a race-winning lawnmower.