As lawnmower racing continues to gain popularity, expect more and more events to be organised. There will probably be an event near you not long from now. Or you could decide to organise one yourself.

When attending these races, spectators need to have other fun activities besides just watching the races. Before races, during breaks, and at the after-parties, there should be other activities to make the day even more fun. It is a fun day, after all. Here are some simple activities that can spice up a mower racing event.

Online Gaming

Organisers can create a booth where people can take part in competitive e-sport gaming. Others can participate in sports betting, and if possible, bet on the mower race competition itself.

With sites like available everywhere, casino game enthusiasts can engage in slots and other casino games. Thankfully, there are many racing-themed slot games that can be incorporated into the event.

Photo Sessions

An organised photo session is a great way to create memories. Attendees can pose in groups or with the competitors for photos taken by professionals. Since many mower races are organised for charity, this can double up as a way to raise more money.


Quizzes are a fun way to learn about a subject. If you attend a race and there is a quiz, make sure you take part. Do not shy away from getting the answers wrong. The main part of it all is enjoying the whole experience. Moreover, even if you don’t get something right, you will learn the right answer. The setting will mean that you will never forget it again.