Lawnmower racing may be a relatively small sport, but its enthusiasts don’t think of it as such. They have their own associations in different parts of the world. These associations run the sport like any other, including having a hall of fame.

One such association is the United States Lawnmower Racing Association (USLMRA). Founder Bruce Kaufman says the hall of fame makes mower racing legitimate like all others.

Jim Gavin

Gavin is Irish and the founder of the British Lawnmower Racing Association. Due to his contribution to the sport, Gavin was inducted into the American Lawnmower Racing Hall of Fame in 2009.

“Racing Ray” Mrocks

Ray became the first member to join the USLMRA after its formation. He went ahead to become a competitor, racing from 1992 until 2001. He rode a mower named Sodzilla and also worked as a course builder and technical inspector. He was also a 2009 inductee.

Chuck Miller

Another 2009 inductee, Miller, is the only member of the USLMRA who has competed in all STA-BIL nationals held since 1992. He won the inaugural event and has been a strong competitor over the years.


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